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Celina Powell, a influencer known for dating many celebrities, is making a bold claim about Offset.

She recently posted a TikTok and listed off the men who she claims that have impregnated her. She wrote in the video, “All the celebs who made me get an ab*rtion.” She then shows famous men like Offset, Eminem, Jason Derulo, and Gucci Mane. She also added the caption, “comment which one I should’ve kept.”

Celina them posted another video showing a cease and desist letter from Offset’s lawyer. This video is playing Gucci Mane’s “I Get the Bag,” and she wrote in it, “When Offset paid me $50k to abort it.”

According to XXL, this isn’t the first time Celena has made claims about having an affair with Offset. In 2017, she started saying this, and Offset has continuously denied it.

Now Cardi B has stepped in to defend her man once again. After a fan wrote, “so you let your n—- nut in other women… and you still took him back? Chile i just hope you and community d—- got tested no shade,” Cardi responded.

Along with screenshots of various old articles showing that Celina lied about being pregnant with Offset’s child, Cardi wrote, “You must be new on social media ….here let me take you way back.”

Celina responded to Cardi’s tweet and wrote, “I miss you.”

Celina then posted screenshots where she was texting Drake and got curved. Later, she wrote, “I shall expose more celebrities on tik tok by dawn tomorrow.”

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