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On January 7th, Burger King announced that they would be making some drastic changes to their branding in 2021. This will not only include their logo, but also food packaging, restaurant design, and even employee uniforms. According to, their goal is to reflect the improvements the fast food chain has made over the last twenty years since their last redesign.

Their new logo features a rounder font and puts the words “Burger King” in red between to golden brown buns. It has more of a classic look than their 2000 design and focuses on their key product, the Whooper.  The brand also stated that their new colors will be brown, red, and green. These colors are used to represent their flame grilling process and also their fresh ingredients. But don’t worry! Burger King said their mascot, the King, isn’t going anywhere.

Here is the new logo you can expect to start seeing at Burger Kings everywhere: