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Wilmington Teacher Recognized As Odyssey Charter's Teacher of the Year For Going Above and Beyond

Johnny B and Jessie Jordan spoke with Odyssey Charter School’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, and also Delaware Charter School Teacher of the Year, Melissa Tracy on the Mix Morning Show.

With her help and innovation in the classroom, her students were able to enjoy and learn from new experiences that aren’t so typical in the classroom, like cooking hands on, donating to the less fortunate, farming, and so much more.

Melissa Tracy collaborated with Alexandra Mylonas, the Greek Culinary Arts teacher, to implement a project for the displaced this holiday season. Students in Greek culinary arts class and cooking club advised by Mrs. Mylonas made 500 Greek cookies that were added to tote bags that will be distributed to individuals and families residing in motels. They will also receive a holiday dinner prepared by some of their partner non-profits, including Forget Me Not Families, Pandemic Food Distribution, and Canaan Baptist Church. This project was assigned to K-12 graders.

Furthermore, students not only baked cookies and desserts for families in need, but they also hydroponically grew produce for food-insecure families and individuals. This fall, students in the “Girls Grow Greens” club at Odyssey Charter School donated 1,000 pounds of fresh hyper-local and pesticide free leafy greens. All grown in Melissa’s classroom.

Separate from this, Melissa and her Green Team colleagues offered a free garden share to families and community since March. They help maintain a very spacious garden w/ 34 raised beds. The outdoor vegetable garden is normally managed by the students but teacher volunteers also stepped up to grow 1,000+ pounds of fresh produce for the community. The garden was run for all 3 growing seasons this year.

GALLERY: Wilmington Teacher Recognized As Odyssey Charter’s Teacher of the Year For Going Above and Beyond

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