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Editor's Note: Picture of radar indicates nor'easter from past storms, not storm due.

A nor’easter is on its way towards the East coast this week, putting over 45 million Americans under a winter storm watch according to CNN.  The storm is predicted to impact most of the eastern coast Wednesday into Thursday, resulting in several feet of snow and heavy ice, causing possible power outages throughout the region. Boston and New York could potentially get hit with as much as a foot of snow.

What to Expect for Delaware:

  • Delaware is forecasted to receive heavy mixed precipitation, and a total snow accumulation of at least 5 inches. Ice accumulations may create a light glaze on roadways and surfaces. Winds could be as high as 40mph.
  • Northern Delaware along with Southern and Central New Jersey will see the worst of the storm in comparison to Southern Delaware. The winter storm watch will be in place from Wednesday morning through Thursday morning in Delaware.
  • Travel could be very difficult. Hazardous conditions could impact commute times Wednesday and Thursday. DelDot has laid salt down on most major highways and have treated roads. Combinations of heavy winds and heavy wet snow tend to result in sporadic power outages.
  • Snow is expected to turn heaviest during Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night. Across the region, snow is likely to mix with sleet, freezing rain, or rain.
  • For more information on snowfall please click here.

Be Prepared for Power Outages:

  • Make sure electronics are plugged into high quality surge protectors to avoid any major damage.
  • If your power goes out and you do not have a generator, a tactic to keep food cold is to fill containers with water before the outage and leave about an inch of space inside each bottle for frozen water to expand. Then once frozen, place these inside your fridge to keep food cold for hours after power goes out.
  • Plan for alternate communication techniques if you primarily use a landline that depends on electricity.
  • Keep your car fuel tank at least half full because gas stations rely on electricity to power the pumps.
  • Never put a running generator in your garage, basement, or near windows.
  • For more safety tips please visit

What To Do If Your Power Goes Out:

  • If your power goes out, do not panic. You may notify Delmarva Power of the outage and wait for the power to be restored.

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