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Sammy Hagar took to social media and gave a surprising response to David Lee Roth’s latest cartoon that appears to poke fun at Hagar.

The cartoon in question is of a faux newspaper called The Daily Catastrophe and features headlines that include “Concrete Flowers for Sam,” “Sam the Man Not Only Will Be Giving His Life for Rock and Roll, But Plans to Be Buried in His Recently Acquired Jet!,” “Red Rocker Refuses to Fly 55 in Afterlife” and “Soggy Kudos to the Bottom’s Favorite Front-Guy for Planning Ahead.”

Hagar responded via Instagram saying, “I want to thank my old buddy Dave for considering me interesting enough to be the subject of his fine art hobby.” He also included the hashtags #IWannaBuyIt, #FunnyS—, #SomethingToFallBackOn and #ItsNotNewlyAcquired, which is referring to the aforementioned jet.

Nice to see these two appear to have a little fun and humorous public back-and-forth. Certainly a nice change of pace.

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