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Matt Greenberg (left) and Vaughan Sawdon (right) create the DIAA Approved HANC.

(VIDEO Below) Matt Greenberg and Vaughan Sawdon of Delaware have teamed up with local storefront Al’s Sporting Goods on N. Market Street in Wilmington to invent an athletic facial covering to protect against sickness including flu and coronavirus.

Greenberg, who coaches the local football team at Mount Pleasant High School, stated “we had kids who ended up quitting because they had a hard time breathing with a traditional face mask on during practice. It was tough to see, and we knew we had to do something to help out athletes as well as our community at this time.”

Watch Below: Matt Greenberg and Vaughan Sawdon Showcase the HANC

Sawdon and Greenberg designed prototypes of what they now call the Healthy Athletic Interior Covering, or the HANC, and had them tested by local NFL players and athletes.

“Initially, the DIAA didn’t approve any sports due to the risk of spreading coronavirus. Fortunately, after a series of tests, the HANC was approved and as of right now is used by over 90% of all Delaware schools.” said Greenberg.

Sawdon explained how the mask has received great feedback from players. “It was important that our design both kept players safe, and was easy to adapt to. We didn’t want the mask to hinder the player’s performance in any way.” The design was carefully constructed so that there is no interference of visibility or restriction of breath. The face covering was initially made for football, but has transitioned into lacrosse, and hockey adaptations as well.

The masks are available at Al’s Sporting Goods.

GALLERY: Introducing the Healthy Athletic Interior Covering (HANC)

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