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Sammy Hagar helped clear the air regarding recent Van Halen reunion rumors that surfaced following the October 6 death of guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

In a new interview with ABC News, Hagar said, “There’s no talk of reunion or a tribute with me, that’s for damn sure. When [Wolfie and Alex] want to do something, when they think it’s time, if they get together and said, ‘Hey, would you come out and sing some songs?,’ you’re damn [right] I would…But [for me] to talk about that, hell no.”

Reunion rumors surfaced in late October via a private Facebook fan page. The rumor had Sammy Hagar fronting the band and Wolfgang Van Halen on guitar filling in for his late father. Michael Anthony would be on bass, and Alex Van Halen would be in his usual spot on drums. This rumor also alleged Eddie Van Halen gave his son and brother his “blessing” to continue the band without him.

Wolfgang caught wind of it, and he responded, “This is just a sh—y lie attempting to capitalize on these awful times. Please stop with this. Anyone peddling this s— is not only hurting the fans, but hurting me and my family.”

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