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It’s happening! Sandra Oh and Awkwafina are coming together to star in a new Netflix comedy. Per E! News, the movie “centers on a ‘lonely recluse’ whose estranged ‘train wreck’ sister decides to repair their relationship by getting her a slot on her favorite game show.”

The movie will be produced by Will Ferrell and written by Jen D’Angelo, who is also working on the Hocus Pocus sequel. As of now, the project is untitled.

Although Sandra and Awkwafina have not worked together in the past, this match-up has been a long time coming.

In 2019, Sandra wrote a piece about Awkwafina for the Time 100 Next List. And Awkwafina has been vocal about being a fan of Sandra for years. When Sandra Oh was announced as a Saturday Night Live host last year, Awkwafina tweeted out, “11 yr old me woulda stood in the rain outside 30 rock for this too. Queen Sandra Oh !!”

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