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Mix Morning Show with Johnny B & Jessie Jordan

5:30am - 10:00am

Where would we all be today without Google Maps? During the age of social distancing Map’s latest feature will let you know how busy a place is before you arrive. When you type in your destination, there will be an indicator that will let you know what to expect with phrases like, “busier than usual” or “as busy as it gets” under the business name.

That isn’t the only new feature Google will be introducing this Fall. You ever have a song stuck in your head and but you just can’t figure out which one? According to, as of today, when you open the Google app on your Apple or Android device you can now click on the microphone icon and search song titles by “Making Noise”. Yes, by simply humming into your smartphone device Google will now be able to tell you what song it is you’ve had stuck in your head!