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The list of shortages this year just keep piling up! First it was toilet paper, paper towels, then Clorox wipes, Dr. Pepper, beef, and a whole mess of other things. The latest to join the list are mason jars. Specifically the double ring mason jar lids.

While Mason jars have plenty of different ways they can be used, seems like in 2020, people are buying them in bulk for their original intended purpose, canning. According to, the shortage began being reported in the middle of August. One reason this might be happening is the increase of new hobbies such as gardening. Now all of the fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the Spring need to be kept fresh.

Author of the blog Food in Jars, Marisa McClellan has warned that if you are unable to find double ring mason jar lids to not reuse ones that you have. This can put you at risk of botulism.