The University of Delaware has suspended 19 student athletes, from the swimming and diving teams, for violating the school’s COVID-19 restrictions and attending a large, indoor party.

The student suspensions range from six weeks or thru the end of the semester.

The large gathering was not on campus.  Attending the party was in violation of the student-athlete pledge.

All of the students who were in attendance have been tested with all negative results.

“We have spoken to our student-athletes at length about their responsibility of being back on campus. The protocols and guidelines put into place are ones that must be followed for us to provide a safe environment for not only the University, but our community as well.” Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Services Chrissi Rawak said. “While we have been fortunate with the behavior from a majority of our student-athletes in following the guidelines and social pledge. we cannot let up, we must stay focused and disciplined in all of our choices.”

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