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Enrollment in public education systems around the country has been dropping significantly. Orange County, Florida currently has 18,000 missing students, the Miami-Dade County public schools have 16,000 fewer students than last year, according to NPR. Charlotte-Mecklenburg in North Carolina has 5,000 missing, and other states such as Utah, Virginia, and Washington have also reported declines throughout their states.

Throughout dozens of school districts across 20 different states, no matter the demographic, numbers of student attendance and enrollment have been declining.

Six months after schools around the country shut down due to coronavirus, enrollment numbers began to decline drastically. Some schools scrambled for a plan, resulting in in-person learning, virtual learning, or hybrid.

It is apparent that students of all ages are going through change in their learning environments. From wearing masks and low engagement with others in the classroom, to virtual classrooms with minimal interactions, or constantly switching from in-person learning style to zoom classes.

In Delaware, students are in different situations depending on the district and/or the school they attend. Many schools that are solely virtual right now are planning to move forward with hybrid leaning come November.

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