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Editors Note: The picture of tiger is not associated with Doc Antle's Wildlife Zoo in South Carolina and has not been involved with charges brought against Doc Antle.

One of the wildlife keepers of the Netflix famous documentary “Tiger King” has been indicted for felony wildlife trafficking according to Doc Antle, who owns Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina is now facing felony charges for the animal trafficking.

Virginia’s Attorney General stated there was a long investigation on Doc Antle which has uncovered evidence that he in fact was trafficking lion cubs between Virginia and South Carolina. People who watched the documentary may remember the raid that took place at the wildlife zoo belonging to Doc Antle towards the end of the series. This was part of the investigation.

119 animals, ranging from lions, tigers, bears, camels, goats, water buffalo, and more, were seized by law enforcement according to ABC. Along with Antle and other accomplices, two of Antle’s daughters are also being charged for animal cruelty and violating the Endangered Species Act.