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AC/DC continues to tease fans with a big announcement with yet another video clip shared to their social media channels.

This new clip is similar to the once shared yesterday where fans see a neon sign and hear the sound of an amp powering up. However, unlike yesterday’s video, this one features a brief, but ominous caption of, “#PWRUP.”

In addition to the new clip, AC/DC has launched a new website. So far, it’s rather bare-bones and only features links to their online store and to “Power Up” by signing up for their email blast lists.

This new activity only adds to the years-long buzz regarding a new studio album. Rumors about a new AC/DC album date back to August 2018 when photos surfaced of Johnson, Angus Young and Stevie Young outside on the patio area of Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, the same studio where the band recorded their past three studio albums.

Among the reports/rumors that have surfaced since then involve the new album being a tribute to late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, retired bassist Cliff Williams returning to the band and that Johnson is singing on the new album. That album is also rumored to feature Rudd.

So far, AC/DC has yet to publically comment on album rumors.


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