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Townsend Author Dante Brizill Holds New Book, Red Ball Express.

Dante Brizill, a Townsend-based author, has recently published a new book that tells the story of The Red Ball Express, a team of primarily black truck drivers who were the “essential workers” of World War II.

The Red Ball Express is said to be a forgotten part of history, although it was one act that helped save the U.S. Army as they landed in Normandy, France.

At the time, the U.S. Army was facing a supply crisis. So the group of truck drivers, known as the Red Ball Express, stepped up to the plate and delivered supplies to our army as they pushed out of France and into Germany. According to reports from Dante and Delaware Public, every three out of four drivers were black, which is important to note considering the time in history this was taking place. Black men and women were still suffering from segregation laws.

Brizill, who also teaches high school students in Elkton, Maryland, previously published¬†Dorie Miller: Greatness Under Fire¬†which tells the story of Doris “Dorie” Miller, a Black cook on the USS West Virginia who became a hero when the Japanese attacked Peral Harbor on Dec., 7, 1941.

Listen to the Mix Morning Show Interview with Dante Brizill below: