Deanna and Justin In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am

From Good News Network: A mandatory evacuation was ordered for Lake Charles, Louisiana as Category 4 Hurricane Laura approached. But for 19 of its newest residents, leaving was out of the question. Heroic staff members at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital refused to evacuate if the NICU babies couldn’t be evacuated safely. They decided to stay with them until danger passed. Neonatalogist, Dr. Juan Bossano, 14 nurses, two neonatal NPs, and three respiratory therapists stayed behind in the NICU to care for the babies as the storm raged on.

Earlier in the day, a team of doctors, residents and other hospital workers transferred from the single-story Lake Charles Memorial Hospital for Women to the hospital’s sturdier 10-floor main building in under two hours. Some of the infants were on respirators or ventilators. During the night, Hurricane Laura knocked out the AC and the hospital’s water service. Dr. Bossano updated parents and relatives via Facebook during the whole ordeal. When the storm was over, the babies were transferred to other area NICU’s where service was not interrupted. All of the babies were stable.

Thank you to this team of heroes for keeping these babies safe during a natural disaster!