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Eddie Vedder quietly joined Instagram on September 1. While his first day on the platform was rather quiet, Vedder took to day two with gusto showing his step-by-step process of voting by mail over the course of eight posts.

He began by sharing, “GOOD MORNING. Hope you’re all well and hanging tough in these extraordinary times. Me, myself? I’m about to go POSTAL!”

Next, he shared, “Ballot in hand. Lest there be any confusion, here is how simple, secure and verifiable it is to Vote By Mail. These photos were from this July as I voted early in the August primary here in Seattle. Piece of cake. In regards to something so huge as taking part in our democracy and putting your voices to great use, nothing could be easier.  And at this intense time of a global pandemic, even more importantly, nothing could be SAFER.”

Then, Vedder wrote, “Official Voters Guide. All the info. We are best as a country when everyone’s voice is heard.”

He followed that up with, “Fill in the ovals. Come November, the Big Oval. (With a reminder to vote early.  Get those ballots in and counted.  Leave no doubt.) Exciting stuff.”


Vedder then added, “This end up..Foolproof! Whomever is attempting to make this process unclear or ripe for fraud should not be trusted. In Pearl Jam we had to request Absentee Ballots going back to 1992 cause we were always away from home touring. Now the state of Washington has been doing across the board Vote by Mail for over a decade. M.I.T. did a major comprehensive study of Mail in Ballots in the U.S. covering the last twenty years.  Hundreds of millions of votes.  They found the percentage of false or forged ballots to be .00006 percent. Please, let’s not be confused by the rhetoric being used by certain folks who apparently want less people to vote. Or would rather that you risk your own health and the safety of others when you could be using this tested, tried and true method that’s worked for years.”


Vedder continued, “Don’t forget to sign! Your signature will be verified. Note the bar codes for sorting and further verifications. Along with the CLEAR WARNING that should anyone falsify a ballot, they’d be subject to 5 years in prison and a 10k fine. Quite a big risk for a simple vote.  Again, the research shows, it just DOESN’T HAPPEN.”


He adds, “No postage necessary. There are also many “drop boxes” or ballot boxes where you can deposit your voting envelope that don’t require the Postal Service. Unless you’re in a state like Pennsylvania where the White House has just initiated a lawsuit requesting ballot boxes be removed. (Look it up..  it’s insane.)”


Vedder then concludes with, “And then ‘the sticker.’ Wear it proud. You’ve just participated in the SINGLE GREATEST FORM OF NON-VIOLENT PROTEST. Your voice will be heard. And speaking as a bit of a singer myself, I know that can be a pretty good feeling.”


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