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Risk level 2 - Going Camping - Many people and their families have taken this form of vacation in 2020; RV sales have been brisk, but campsite vaccancies have been scarce as they've been booked solid in many areas. is offering a “job” that pays $1,000 for just one weekend of camping. It’s called the Digital Detox Challenge. One lucky applicant will win the opportunity to get paid to spend one weekend in an RV in the National Park of your choice, but the catch is, there will be no access to internet. This means you will not be able to post about your experience on social media. You also won’t be able to take a look at what your friends are doing back at home. There will be no communication outside of nature. Anyone with a valid driver’s license who over the age of 25, who is eligible to work in the US can apply. The company will chose a winner on September 23rd and the winner must accept by September 30th. Could you do this? Did you even do it if you can’t post it online?