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Mix Morning Show with Johnny B & Jessie

5:30am - 10:00am

There’s a new pandemic fashion trend! It’s called the “nap dress”. It’s a stylish alternative to those sweat pants you’ve been walking around in for months.  Hill House Home Founder Nell Diamond trademarked the term back in January, before the pandemic hit the U.S. The luxury bed brand has an entire shop dedicated to the dress, which is structured enough to be worn out of the house, but is designed for lounging. Nap dresses are flowy and at the same time cozy—also making them a popular Instagram look. People online are divided on the look.  Some say it’s just an expensive nightgown, while others say it’s a brilliant way to stay stylish and comfortable during the strange time we’re living in. I took a look at the website. Nap Dresses run anywhere between $75-$125. If I’m spending that kind of money, everyone better see me in that dress!