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With summer having already hit its midway point, many of us have spent a fair amount of days looking for ways to keep cool in the hot weather. Though some states are known for being notoriously hotter than others, each has seen a crazy heat wave in some point in its history. Check out the highest temperature ever recorded in your state; you may be shocked by the heat that’s been reached.

Alabama: 112°F, Centerville, AL Sept. 5th, 1925

Alaska: 100°F, Fort Yukon, AK, June 27th, 1915

Arizona: 128°F, Lake Havasu City, AZ June 29th, 1994

Arkansas: 120°F, Ozark, AR, August 10th, 1936

California: 134°F, Greenland Ranch, CA, July 10th, 1913

Colorado: 118°F, Bennett, CO, July 11th, 1888

Connecticut: 106°F, Danbury, CT, July 15th, 1995

Delaware: 110°F, Millsboro, DE, July 21st, 1930

Washington, D.C.: 106°F, July 20th, 1930

Florida: 109°F, Monticello, FL, June 29th, 1931

Georgia: 112°F, Greenville, GA, August 20th, 1983

Hawaii: 100°F, Pahala, HI, April 27th, 1931

Idaho: 118°F, Orofino, ID, July 28th, 1934

Illinois: 117°F, E. St. Louis, IL, July 14th, 1954

Indiana: 116°F, Collegeville, IN, July 14th, 1936

Iowa: 118°F, Keokuk, IA, July 20th, 1934

Kansas: 121°F, Alton, KS, July 24th, 1936

Kentucky: 114°F, Greensburg, KY, July 28th, 1930

Louisiana: 114°F, Plain Dealing, LA, August 10th, 1936

Maine: 105°F, North Bridgton, ME, July 10th, 1911

Maryland: 109°F, Cumberland & Frederick, MD, July 10th, 1936

Massachusetts: 107°F, New Bedford & Chester: August 2nd, 1975

Michigan: 112°F, Mio, MI, July 13th, 1936

Minnesota: 114°F, Moorhead, MN, July 6th, 1936

Mississippi: 115°F, Holly Springs, MS, July 29th, 1930

Missouri: 118°F, Warsaw & Union, MO, July 14th, 1954

Montana: 117°F, Medicine Lake, MT, July 5th, 1937

Nebraska: 118°F, Minden, NE, July 24th, 1936

New Hampshire: 106°F, Nashua, NH, July 4th, 1911

New Jersey: 110°F, Runyon, NJ, July 10th, 1936

New Mexico: 122°F, Waste Isolat. Pilot Pit, NM, June 27th, 1994

New York: 108°F, Troy, NY, July 22nd, 1926

North Carolina: 110°F, Fayetteville, NC, August 21st, 1983

North Dakota: 121°F, Steele, ND, July 6th, 1936

Ohio: 113°F, Gallipolis, OH, July 21st, 1934

Oklahoma: 120°F , Tipton, OK, June 27th, 1994

Oregon: 119°F, Pendleton, OR, August 10th, 1898

Pennsylvania: 111°F, Phoenixville, PA, July 10th, 1936

Rhode Island: 104°F, Providence, RI, August 2nd, 1975

South Carolina: 111°F, Camden, SC, June 28th, 1954

South Dakota: 120°F, Gannvalley, SD, July 5th, 1936

Tennessee: 113°F, Perryville, TN, August 9th, 1930

Texas: 120°F, Monahans, TX, June 28th, 1994

Utah: 117°F, Saint George, UT, July 5th, 1895

Vermont: 105°F, Vernon, VT, July 4th, 1911

Virginia: 110°F, Balcony Falls, VA, July 15th, 1954

Washington: 118°F, Ice Harbor Dam, August 5th, 1961

West Virginia: 112°F, Martinsburg, WV, July 10th, 1936

Wisconsin: 114°F , Wisconsin Dells, WI, July 13th, 1936

Wyoming: 115°F, Basin, WY, August 8th, 1983

Written by Brianna Pisacane

Brianna joined WJBR as a digital content producer intern in June 2020 after graduating with latin honors from the University of Delaware. Her interests extend into the areas of writing, journalism, marketing and production. She previously worked as an intern at The Biden Institute where she prepared daily news briefings and developed content for the organization’s digital platforms.

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