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Taylor Swift has dropped her eighth album, folklore last week, surprising fans with a new twist on her usual pop sound. Swift fans are ecstatic to celebrate 16 new tracks, listening on repeat and claiming it never gets old. Which it certainly may not. The new album focuses on storytelling, which Taylor Swift has openly stated, “has been a favorite aspect of her musical career.”

As seen on Twitter, a group of die hard Swift stans, voiced their anger towards album reviewers that didn’t give it a 10/10. Pitchfork music reviewer Jill Mapes gave the album an 8/10,a rating that is seen as exceptional coming from Pitchfork. Pitchfork has only granted two albums 10/10 in the past 15 years. On Twitter, stans claimed Pitchfork should hire actual indie music critics.

“Anyone who comes after the Dark Queen, Taylor Swift, dies alone and will be burned forever,” reads one tweet in Ethiopian language Amharic. “You will be filled with your dark fears and demons. You will never be happy and sleep well again.”

Mapes has been targeted with death threats on and offline, some fans going as far as harassing her with phone calls in the middle of the night. Some Swift fans have also claimed they know where she lives.