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Elite Miss Delaware Earth of 2019 and 2020, Malika Yates, has been spreading compassion throughout the community one act of kindness at a time.

Malika travels globally, teaching students and communities in low income areas about her Eco-Education Program. Yates stated, “My program breaks down how to live an eco-friendly, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle filled with kindness.”

Furthermore, Elite Miss Delaware Earth has invited the region’s top decision makers to join her on July 28, at the Food Bank of Delaware in Newark, as well as the Ministry of Caring in Wilmington in support of her Kindness Matters Community Essential Items Drive.

Malika Yates Organizes Food Drives for Low-Income Communities

Malika went on to say, “Together we can make a difference and stop the spread of Covid-19. We are collecting donations in the form of reusable masks, gloves, food, and cleaning products.”

Cynthia B. Gamble, Director, Planned Giving & Donor Relations at The Ministry of Caring, Inc. says of Malika “She’s a lovely young woman who is working hard to make the world a better place.”

One of Malika’s main goals for her future, is introducing vegan and vegetarian options to low income and impoverished communities so they can eat healthy and live sustainably.

Malika Yates is a WilmU graduate with a degree in Education and the Arts, currently majoring in Psychology and International University, Florida. She plans on becoming a crisis counselor, helping students work through traumatic events, injuries, disabilities, stress, depression, and bullying.

Yates credits her mother for her love of volunteering. “After my father passed away, my mother taught me some of our Cherokee Indian ways. We bonded through her teaching me how to live off the land and take care of our Mother Earth. She also taught me what it means to be of service by volunteering in the community.” Involved in volunteering since elementary school, Malika says the biggest reward she gets is the smiles on the faces from every student and community she helps. “I truly feel blessed I get to do what I love most as a full-time job.”

Malika’s donation drive will benefit low income and impoverished areas, as well as people who have fallen on hard times during the pandemic.

To learn how to sponsor the Kindness Matters Community Essential Items Drive, please contact: Malika Yates, Elite Miss Delaware Earth directly by phone, (786 )514-7037, or vi email [email protected]  To help The Ministry of Caring, Inc., and its Emmanuel Dining Room keep feeding the poor during Covid-19, visit: To support the Food Bank of Delaware with a donation, visit: