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Actress Drew Sidora and YouTube star LaToya Ali are reportedly joining the cast of Bravo’s hit series Real Housewives of Atlanta during season 13. This news comes shortly after reports that the reality TV show is set to start filming its upcoming season in just a few weeks, and will be testing cast members for COVID-19 repeatedly.

As B. Scott exclusively reported Sidora, who portrayed T-Bozy in VH1’s TLC biopic and popular Canadian YouTube star LaToya Ali are set to officially claim their peaches. It’s rumored that the decision was made because Bravo wants to attract younger viewers.

Drew Sidora has come up regarding RHOA since 2015 when the actress who also was featured in the CW’s The Game,  was slated to appear on the show along with fellow actress Kim Fields. However, Sidora garnering a peach back then didn’t come to fruition.

Nevertheless, the actress may finally be making her RHOA debut along with her husband and three children. Regarding Ali, who is currently in the middle of a divorce from her husband, the Youtube star has experienced a few things that have halted her filming.

Ali’s estranged husband didn’t want certain aspects of their relationship filmed, which caused issues for production. RHOA is slated to begin filming in Atlanta at the end of July, despite the coronavirus’ high statistics in the southern city.


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