The Philadelphia Eagles along with other professional sporting events are exempt from the city of Philadelphia’s moratorium on large public events through February 2021, which was ordered earlier today. But city officials said Tuesday, that fans would not be allowed at games because of the pandemic. This means the Eagles could host their eight scheduled regular season home games at Lincoln Financial Field this fall, but the stands would remain completely empty.

Philadelphia health commissioner Thomas Farley told reporters he thought protocols instituted by professional sports leagues “look pretty good” but having fans in attendance would not be safe.

“I do think that games can be played with the kind of safety precautions that they’re proposing. I do not think that they can have spectators at those games. There’s no way for them to be safe having a crowd there,” Farley said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I can’t say what the plans are for the league, but from a safety perspective, they can play games but not [have] crowds.”

“The Eagles are still going to be allowed to play, although without crowds. The Phillies will continue to be allowed to play, although without crowds,” city managing director Brian Abernathy said, according to The Inquirer.

After the city’s announcement, the Eagles announced that the third annual Eagles Autism Challenge will now take place virtually Sept. 26.

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No Big Events In Philly Through February

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