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Coronavirus Coverage

After mandating face masks while on the beach, revenue from parking permits and meters, as well as hotel and rental bookings plummeted. City leaders of Rehoboth Beach said Tuesday that face coverings or masks are no longer required while individuals and families are on the beach or in the water.

Reports suggest this could be the result of frustrated business owners and local tourism industry members who experienced a vast decrease in business over the 4th of July weekend.

Rehoboth officials mandated masks the weekend prior to July 4th, and was issued in order to reduce crowds after thousands were tested and restaurant workers were infected with COVID-19.

Although the mask mandate has been withdrawn for the beach, masks are still required on boardwalks, in restaurants and stores, and all public walkways, grounds, and facilities. City officials are still concerned that withdrawing the mask mandate on the beach could lead to a surplus of people coming back all at once.

Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding zip codes have become an area of concern for Delaware.

More than 4,000 people in the area have been tested, with positive cases among renters, restaurant workers and lifeguards, according to state reports.