Dedicated to the classic crowd-pleasing favorite, National Sugar Cookie Day celebrates one of America’s most loved desserts. Whether you like them tried and true or are willing to get more adventurous with your baking, here are 8 sugar cookie recipes sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

1) The Classic Cookie

Want to stick with the classic? This recipe for the one that started it all makes cookies that are light, buttery and will remind you of the holiday season back when you were a kid. It also includes helpful tips on how to make sure your cookies come out baked to perfection. Hint: don’t over beat the dough! Recipe via A Spicy Perspective

2) Double Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Light, fluffy and full of cinnamon, this tasty recipe puts a subtle twist on the traditional sugar cookie. Made with only 9 ingredients and taking less than 25 minutes to prep and bake, these sweet treats are quick to whip up and perfect for any cinnamon lover. Recipe via McCormick

3) Jam Thumbprints

Rule of ~Thumb~: share these cookies so you don’t end up eating the whole batch by yourself. They start out with a basic sugar cookie dough, get rolled in sparkling sugar and are then indented and filled with a jam of your choice. Your kids will love putting their thumbprint in the dough, and if you’re feeling particularly bold you can even opt to make homemade jam. So many flavor combinations! Recipe via Sugar Spun Run

4) Lemon Sugar Cookies

Add a bit of zest to your cookie jar with these soft and chewy lemon cookies. Bursting with fresh lemon flavor but not being overly tart, this recipe is perfect for anyone looking to put a summery-twist on the classic cookie. The key to perfecting this recipe is using fresh lemon juice for an authentic lemon flavor. Recipe via Modern Honey

5) Nutella-Filled Sugar Cookies

This combination is just as delicious as it sounds. Soft, chewy sugar cookies with a decadent Nutella filling… does it get any better than that? This unique and delicious recipe will give your local bakery a run for its money. Tip: warm leftover cookies in a microwave to give the Nutella center a creamier consistency. Recipe via Homemade Hooplah

6) Salted Caramel Sugar Cookies

Perfect for anyone craving something sweet, these luscious salted caramel sugar cookies won’t last for very long in your kitchen. Having just the right sweet-to-salty ratio, these cookies are sure to satisfy any caramel connoisseur. The only downside is that they may be hard to share! Recipe via Wine and Glue

7) Thyme and Cheddar Cheese Cookies

Though these may seem a bit out there at first, this recipe is a must try for anyone willing to experiment in the kitchen. Buttery and cheesy with just a kick of spice, these savory cookies can be served as an appetizer or even on a cheese board. Who said cookies are only for dessert? Recipe via The Flavor Bender

8) Sugar Cookie Bark

Inspired by the classic cookie, this sugar cookie bark is the sweet treat you never knew you needed. It’s basically a combination of cookie dough and candy that when topped with colored sprinkles looks absolutely magical. Whether you’re looking for a fun dessert for your child’s next birthday party or simply a mid-week pick me up, this recipe should be one that’s on your radar. Recipe via Crazy For Crust

Written by Brianna Pisacane

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