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Coronavirus Coverage

Three Rehoboth Beach lifeguards have tested positive for COVID-19 officials of Rehoboth stated Monday.

The lifeguards are asymptomatic and staying at home until medically cleared to return. According to a news release from Rehoboth Beach, the lifeguards spent most of their time in the stands on the beach and are believed to have maintained minimal contact with the public.

“We immediately executed our COVID response protocol and contacted the local health department,” said Rehoboth Police Chief Keith Banks. “All lifeguards were notified of the exposure and will be tested within the next 24 hours.”

The absences of these lifeguards is said to carry no significant impact to lifeguard operations.

Over this past weekend, Delaware beaches hosted large coronavirus testing locations due to high traffic of people at the beaches. Several Dewey beachgoers tested positive a week earlier after attending parties and bars.

The health department issued a statement saying the infected teens also visited large parties in Rehoboth, where more than 100 attendees may have been exposed.

Countless beachgoers around the country are testing positive, after attending parties and bars with high traffic of people.

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