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With the movie theaters closed, some businesses and arenas are partaking in drive in theaters. Meanwhile, Fortnite is pioneering a brand new in-game feature, where they allow players to enjoy a movie with their friends online.

Virtual screenings of three Christopher Nolan films will be hosted by Fortnite on Friday, June 26. Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ellen Page; Batman Begins starring Christian Bale; and The Prestige starring Bale and Hugh Jackman will be available for viewing, although not in all countries. Developer, Epic Games, announced “Movie Nite” today (June 24, 2020) directing Fortnite players to Party Royale to find showtimes and screenings based on their location they’re playing from.

In the United States, Inception will be streaming in the game’s Party Royale space at 8 AM, 8 PM, and 11:55 PM E.T.

This all comes after the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet was released last month in Fortnite.

Also this week, “Fortnite” starting Thursday is featuring concerts with Diplo, Young Thug and Noah Cyrus in the Party Royale, which Epic Games calles “a new experimental and evolving space.”

Fortnite seems to be pioneering in the gaming spectrum of the world, with exclusive in-game concerts, frequent updates, and now in-game movie screenings.

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