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EA Announces New Skate Game in Development

After years of demands by fans and skaters alike, EA has finally announced that a new addition will be coming to the Skate franchise. The last game created for the franchise was Skate 3, released back in May of 2010. It may only be for PlayStation 5, but our hopes are up for other platforms to carry the game as well, considering EA’s newest expansion into Switch and Steam.

The reason we say “it may only be for PS5” is because the publisher literally had nothing else to say besides we’re back and that there is a new Skate game in development. No trailer was announced, no name, no release date, nothing.

Obviously this is huge news, despite the fact they gave us nothing but a “Hey, we’re making another Skate game.” I mean, we’ll gladly take it and look forward to more updates from EA and the developers.

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