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Who needs new music by new bands when we have bots, right?!

All jokes aside, YouTuber Funk Turkey has clearly stumbled upon a newly popular niche content idea where they upload all of the lyrics from an artist’s catalog to a bot and then instructs a bot to write a song “by” that artist.

The latest artist to get the bot treatment is Nirvana, and the song the bot wrote is called “Smother.” Like most of Funk Turkey’s other creations, the song isn’t terrible. However, the best bot song they have shared with the world remains the “AC/DC” song “Great Balls.” (Please check it out if you haven’t already. It’s frighteningly catchy.)

Funk Turkey notes in the YouTube description for “Smother,” “All music/vocals performed, mixed, and mastered by me, in my kitchen, on a sparkly red cheap Stratocaster, a crappy mic, and an old copy of ProTools. All lyrics provided by Hal 9000 (AKA Guitars are the aforementioned Stratocaster bounced hard left and right. Flanged Stratocaster through a Fender twin is dead center in the mix. Bass is a no-name bass run through amp emulation. Percussion is Superior Drummer 2. I know Dave Grohl hates computer drums but it’s the best thing I got, soooo…. Sorry Dave. I still love you.”

That’s okay, Funk Turkey. Dave likely still loves you, too.

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