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At least to some extent, most television shows derive inspiration from previously existing shows. There are a few notable instances when show creators blatantly copy someone else’s idea. To Jerry Seinfeld, that’s exactly what Friends creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane did to him. There are similarities between Seinfeld and Friends. Both shows are set in New York City and both feature young single friend groups who don’t associate with their families very much. But even though there were differences between the two sitcoms, Seinfeld claims they blatantly ripped him off.


“We thought, They [Friends creators] wanna do our show with better-looking people. That’s what they’re doing here,” the comedian told The Hollywood Reporter. “And we thought, that should work.”

Larry David said something similar. “He said that?” the co-creator said in response to Seinfeld’s comment. “He’s right. We all knew it. Just look at it,  a group of friends in New York.”