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As the country demands reform, some mayors and political leaders are being held accountable by the people for change. In Richmond, Virginia, the protesters voiced their concerns, pressing the mayor for change. After tear gassing a peaceful protest during the hours of legal protest before curfew, the mayor apologized and walked with them in a protest to the confederate Lee monument. But this was not enough and the people still demanded reform.

After 6 days of protest, Mayor Stoney proposed a number of reform laws and changes to Richmond, VA.

Stoney stated in a tweet, “These are steps to the healing our city desperately needs.” The mayor also said “channel our city’s pain into reform.”

One of the reform measures Stoney is proposing is a crisis alert known as the Marcus Alert. Marcus David Peters was killed in 2018 by a Richmond police officer while experiencing a legitimate mental health crisis. The alert would help the police department and the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority work together on calls for people experiencing a mental crisis. Another measure is a citizen review board to investigate complaints against the police department. It will be made of a group of stakeholders and will be separate from the department. The city has also proposed a strategy for racial equity that would consist of training for staff and a study to help navigate greater inclusion within the city. The mayor is committed to this work in order to help dismantle racist systems and policies and build more just ones that provide the opportunity for all city residents to succeed and thrive.


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