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HONG KONG - JANUARY 15: A makeup artist lays out the tools of her trade, backstage ahead of the Angela Chung and Gregorius Vici show during Hong Kong Fall/Winter Fashion Week at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on January 15, 2014 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Gareth Gay/Getty Images)

Women everywhere have had to take a closer look at themselves amid the Coronavirus lockdowns. With beauty and nail salons closing, some women have had to take their beauty regimes into their own hands.  One woman who relies on fillers to enhance her body, nail and lash extensions wondered, “Why am I actually doing this – is it for me? Is it because I feel like I have to look good to other people? What is it I am actually doing it for?”

The woman said she felt “ugly” without her fillers and nails and she couldn’t wait to get to the nail shop after restrictions eased. The lockdown gave her time to think about her appearance and what was truly necessary. “It’s sort of helping me realize that I don’t actually need them as much as I think,” the woman admitted.

Another woman spoke about how she missed the gym, which she called her “therapy.” She says going without the extras has put things into perspective, “I’ve learned to love myself beyond measure, it doesn’t bother me if I haven’t got the extras I can cope without.”

How did you not getting the beauty treatments you’re used to affect your image of yourself? Are you changing your routine now that restrictions are easing up?