Coronavirus Coverage

After a lengthy meeting with the city’s commissioners and Rehoboth Beach Mayor Paul Kuhns, it was decided that the beach and boardwalk will be open for exercise from 6am to 10pm, starting Friday.  Swimming will not be allowed.

Restrictions are in place for those who choose to make a visit.  Face masks are required and you must maintain social distancing when around crowds of people.  Bicycles must be off the boardwalk by 10am.

“From what I’m hearing from people, whether it’s businesses or residents, homeowners, as soon as we can get the beach and boardwalk open for exercising, I think that will be very important to our local people,” Mayor Kuhns said. “I think it will be very important to the businesses, because then it gives all of our second homeowners the opportunity to come into town following social distancing, following the safe practices recommended by the CDC.”

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