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Like most of us, six-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin of British Columbia has a brand new routine. He wakes up, eats his breakfast, gets his schoolwork done and then sets up his joke stand outside. Under normal circumstances, Callaghan operates a lemonade stand around this time of year but his mom chose a safer alternative. She wanted the same sort of community spirit and social aspect that a lemonade stand has but it had to be contactless and cashless. His goal is to spread joy and laughter to his neighbors while maintaining social distancing rules. The six year old comedian is at his joke stand by 9:30 am and sticks around for about 45 minutes. He gets his material from a kid’s joke book called “Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids” and from the people who stop by!

Some of his top jokes include:

  1. What do you call a lazy kangaroo? A pouch potato!
  2. What do you call a bug that’s bad at football? A fumble-bee!
  3. What is a duck’s favorite snack? Cheese and quackers!
  4. Where did the bull take the cow on a date? Dinner and a moooovie!