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There have been a lot of rumors around Drake’s next release, and tonight he confirmed them and clarified his plans. He said he’d release a collection of demo tapes tonight and that his new album is coming out this summer.

In an Instagram post, he said, “My brothers @oliverelkhatib @ovonoel put together alot of the songs people have been asking for (some leaks and some joints from SoundCloud and some new vibes) DARK LANE DEMO TAPES out everywhere at midnight…also my 6th STUDIO ALBUM DROPPING SUMMER 2020!!! Lucky number 6”

He discussed the record in a February interview during a Raptors/Suns game: “I’m out here, I’m working hard, you know. I’m tucked away trying to finish an album.”

He noted that he’s still looking to challenge himself. “I hate to age myself, but I been doing this ten plus years. Sometimes you gotta set a little target goal for yourself to keep it interesting.”

He didn’t give much insight into the album, but he did say this: “So, last album, I went high volume. Two sides, 20-something songs, which is a lot of songs. This album, I’ll probably make it a more realistic offering, something more concise. Anywhere, whatever you want, it can be 10, 11, 16. I also do a lot of different types of music so it’s tough to make it like a seven-song album or something like that. Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun right now making music.”

Drake joins commentary crew during Raptors and Suns 2nd quarter

Drake joined his beloved Raptors home broadcast commentary feed to discuss the Raptors as they played the Phoenix Suns. #Drake #Raptors #Commentary #Playbyplay