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Chances are you’re working from home so you’re in front a screen all day long. If you’re getting tired of virtual meetings and get-togethers you are not alone. Mental health professionals say that stay-at-home orders have created a condition known as “zoom fatigue.” The video chats can be fun and productive but experts say that can actually put a strain on our brains. It’s because we have to work harder to interpret nonverbal cues like facial expressions and tone. Nava Silton, an associate professor of psychology at Mary Mount Manhattan College, says all this screen time can be really stressful for adults and kids. She recommends that people diversify interaction a little bit. Try having some phone calls instead of zoom conversations. It’s also important to have some hours that are totally without screen time at all.


Online conversations wearing you down? Experts say 'Zoom fatigue' is real

If you're starting to get a little bit sick of virtual get-togethers you are not alone. Like so many of us these days, Cassie Echevarria spends a lot more time than ever in front of a computer screen. "We're all on our screens all day long.