Coronavirus Coverage

Wilmington officials have partnered local Internet provider, WhyFly, to set up free Wi-Fi in five parking lots for students who are learning remotely. According to the 2018 census bureau, about a quarter of households in Wilmington have no internet access.  Delaware schools are closed through May 15th but it is likely that they will be closed through the remainder of the school year. Teachers are already reporting that students are falling behind. The internet service is available for three months daily from 10am-3pm in the following parking lots under the “City Of Wilmington” network:

  • 76ers Field House- 401 Garasches Lane
  • Kingswood Community Center- 2300 Bowers St.
  • Teen Warehouse- 1121 Thatcher Street
  • William Hicks Anderson Community Center- 501 N. Madison St.
  • People’s Settlement Association- 408 E. Eighth St.

Students are asked to practice social distancing or remain in their cars while using the hot spots.