Jennifer Scordo

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New York has the “Pizza Rat,” Philly has the “Pizza Groundhog!”  And Jimmy Kimmel loves it!

Last week,  Kristin Chalela Bagnell witnessed one of the most ridiculous things ever..  A groundhog chowing down on a huge discarded slice of pizza, just outside of her door.  With no regard for her two dogs either!

That’s quite a brave groundhog!

Bagnell told Philly Voice,

Standing outside her patio door, Bagnell observed a groundhog quietly nibbling at a discarded piece of pizza as it gazed into her home, completely unfazed by her two dogs on the other side of the glass. It went on for a while, too.

Watch the great video here..

And if that wasn’t great enough, Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah grabbed the story and highlighted Philly’s Pizza Groundhog on their shows!