Coronavirus Coverage

Susan Steward of Middletown started Delaware’s own virtual tip jar to help the many thousands of restaurant workers who are out of work with their employers only open for take-out or delivery service during the COVID-19 crisis.

“They’re really dependent upon tips. They’re dependent upon people coming into the restaurant,” said Steward. “And that’s kind of what the Delaware Way has always been–it’s us helping our neighbors.”

The next time you’re making your own drink, think about the bartender or server you could be tipping if you were out at a bar or restaurant.  If you knew how to reach them, you could still throw a $5 bill their way.

Steward’s idea is a reflection of efforts that have started in some larger cities around the country.  The bartenders, servers, etc. do have to sign up to be a part of the Virtual Tip Jar site.  Not many have signed up, but hopefully with word of mouth, more will.

Take a look at the site and see if your favorite server or bartender is there, and if they’re not, encourage them to join in.

If you’re a laid off restaurant worker or want to donate to one, click here.