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390970 06: Taco Bell advertisement mascot Gidget arrives at the world premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures'' "Cats and Dogs" June 23, 2001 at the Mann''s Village Theatre in Westwood, CA. (Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images)

Antonio Munoz has been self isolating during the coronavirus outbreak. He was really craving cheetos but didn’t want to leave the house to go get them so he sent his Chihuahua named Chokis. Chokis went to the store across the street with money in her collar and a note that said “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some cheetos. The orange kind, not the red kind, they’re too hot. She has $20 in her collar. WARNING: She will bit if not treated right. Your front neighbor.” Chokis found her way to the store and returned with cheetos for her human. Chokis has since made two more successful snack runs for Antonio.