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Because when you just can’t wait to marry your favorite person, it really stinks when you have to wait longer…

The spread of coronavirus has caused pain and suffering for so many people. Employees are out of work without pay. Kids are out of school indefinitely. Elderly people can’t get the resources that they need. Most importantly, people are getting sick and this potentially deadly disease is spreading exponentially. We’re all in this together and social distancing is the only way to reduce the spread. It’s caused major inconveniences for all of us. Sporting events, concerts, local events- all those things we look forward to in the spring are cancelled and it’s disappointing!


While we are eternally grateful to have our health, our jobs, our family and each other, Chris and I made the difficult decision to postpone our May 30th wedding to August 1st. I won’t lie, I still cry about it. We are SO lucky because our vendors have been amazing and supportive. Nobody tried to rip us off. They switched our wedding date and even offered us a listening ear! Some of my fellow ‘coronabrides,’ as we call ourselves, have not been as lucky. They are losing deposits, preferred vendors are unavailable, and 2020 dates are all filled up. It is crushing! So much time, effort, money and emotion goes into wedding planning. The bridal industry knows it. Even though they may be suffering themselves, there are some companies who really want to work with coronabrides to ease the stress.


If you e-mail Zola customer service and tell them that you had to postpone your wedding, they will send you a voucher for $300 off new invitations.

Pronovias is offering free wedding dresses to hospital-employed brides-to-be. Their Hereos Collected will be available until August 31st 2020. (Nobody deserves it more.)

When all of this eases up and wedding planning is back in full swing, remember to support your local bridal boutiques for accessories, dresses, and everything else. Maybe consider making multiple trials at different salons! Most importantly, don’t forget what it’s all about! The commitment to your person!