This season’s flu has been especially hard on children with 136 deaths, 11 this past week alone.

One little girl is not only lucky to be alive but she’s also lucky just to see again, after temporarily going blind. The 4-year-old, named Jade, caught the bug late last year and beat it; but a complicating infection,  attacking her brain, caused her to lose her sight.

Doctors in January told CBS News that they couldn’t say for sure if the child would ever see again but the family announced this week that her eyesight has returned.

According to the CDC, between October 2019 and the end of February an estimated 34 million to 49 million Americans have been sickened with the flu, resulting in 16 million to 23 million medical visits, 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalizations, and 20,000 to 52,000 deaths.