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In fears of the spread of Coronavirus, shelves have been cleared for hand sanitizer and disinfectant in stores. But apparently, many people are taking the matter into their own hands, forming “hand sanitizer” concoctions with their own methods of madness. What’s the secret ingredient to their homemade hand sanitizer? Vodka. Tito’s vodka.

This has become so popular, Tito’s line of vodka has been issuing out statements, saying there is no way to make sanitizer from vodka. It doesn’t work that way.

Whether these ideas came from vodka-induced experiments, the fact of the matter is, you cannot make hand sanitizer from vodka. You’re better off enjoying the martini.

Hollywood Kyle is the Digital Content Producer and Production Director of Mix 99.5 WJBR. Being a Delaware local, Kyle takes pride in his hometown and has had a love for music since a young age. Hollywood Kyle joins the Mix Morning Show for abstract thoughts and ideas during "Hollywood Kyle" segment around 9:40am Monday thru Friday.