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Forgetting something….?

As seen on Twitter in a now-viral video, a mom who was not identified had completely blanked when taking her kids to school yesterday morning and began driving off…. without the children.  In the clip, which was posted to Twitter and viewed 4 million times as of yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, the mom pans the camera around to show her empty car, stating, I’m driving to school without my kids! She completely losing it and breaking out in a fit of laughter. She says “I have to go back and pick them up, I can’t believe it. I left my kids at home.  In a follow-up tweet, the mom records herself coming back to get her two sons  and the reaction is priceless. In the video, the mom laughs hysterically while her sons laugh along in disbelief that she forgot them in the first place. Mom! one of them says, before the woman starts explaining I left you! between fits of laughter.

and here is their reaction when she comes back for them….