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SHANGHAI, CHINA - JANUARY 26: (CHINA OUT)The guide dog Leinuo leads its master Zongwenhao to take a metro on January 26, 2018 in Shanghai, China. February 16th, 2018 is the Chinese lunar year of the dog. Since the first guide dog was in service in 2006, the number of China's guide dogs has reached 182, of which 140 guide dogs have been trained at the Dalian Medical University's guide dog base, and 36 have been trained by Shanghai disabled persons' Federation, and 6 Guangzhou guided dogs have been trained in the South demonstration base. There are 17 million people with visual impairment in China. Not all blind people are suitable for guide dogs. Blind people who apply for guide dogs should not only have the ability to locate, but also live in a suitable environment for the life of large guide dogs.The training period of the guide dog is more than one year, and the cost is over 150 thousand RMB. Part of the funding is from the government and social donations, and blind people apply for guide dogs for free. (Photo by Wang He/Getty Images)

Look, we all want to pet all the dogs but when they’re working you have to respect them!

A woman who was shopping in a mall got offended when the trainer of a service dog wouldn’t allow her toddler daughter to pet the animal. The woman argued that there were no signs that prohibited the dog from being petted, however, the trainer said that there were signs on the dog’s leash. The woman said she was going to contact her lawyer, however, the trainer argued that it is a misdemeanor to harass service dogs. The woman then complained about being filmed before walking away and grabbing her phone to presumably contact authorities.