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The cover of Bon Jovi 2020, the upcoming album from Bon Jovi, is a striking black-and-white image of frontman Jon Bon Jovi, but there’s more to the image than you may think.

In a post to the band’s website, JBJ explains the story behind to cover writing, “The inspiration for the cover of ‘Bon Jovi 2020’ is a photo of John F. Kennedy, taken by Michael Ochs in August of 1962. It pictures the president reflecting both literally and figuratively upon a crowd in California. I saw this photo and wondered what the president was thinking. Since there are so many socially conscious songs on the record and my admiration of the photo of JFK, I asked photographer Clay McBride to capture it as the cover of Bon Jovi 2020.”

Both images can be viewed below.

Bon Jovi 2020 is due out May 15 and is available for pre-order at

Bon Jovi 2020 cover



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