If you’ve ran into the kitchen hoping Uncle Ben’s could save your wet iPhone from destruction, experts say “save your rice” cause it could actually damage your phone more.  Here are The Sun’s tips for drying out that phone that may have taken an accidental plunge into the toilet.

Once you’ve discovered the horror of your wet phone, turn it off immediately.  Dry it off with paper towels.  Next, remove the SIM tray and any other removable parts.  Gently place your phone into an airtight Ziploc bag and start searching your shoe boxes! Those little silica “do not eat” packages that come with countless products are great for drawing moisture out of your phone.  Find as many as you can, place in the bag and seal.

While there’s no guarantee your phone will come back to life, you have a better chance if you leave the phone in the silica pouch-filled bag for 72 hours.  If you want to be proactive, you can buy silica bags online.