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This will be the third distribution center in New Castle County…

Amazon plans to seek $4.5 million dollars from the state to “establish its operations in Wilmington.” They are seeking to take the money from the Delaware Strategic Fund. The Strategic Fund ties assistance from the state to the number of jobs created by the employer and payback comes from additional income tax revenues. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the request is related to a proposed distribution center at the former GM Boxwood plant. Plans submitted to the county back in November called for a “multi-story distribution center” to be built on a portion of the old GM plant. Although it was not disclosed, Amazon was widely believed to be the tenant. This distribution center would be the third in New Castle County; the other sites are in New Castle and Middletown. There’s also one in Perryville, MD.


Did you know that one of Amazon’s earliest distribution centers was located in New Castle? At the time, the company was still mainly selling books online!