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Who is most likely to be the biggest influence on your musical tastes? At what age did most people discover their favorite band? All of this and more is covered in a new music study from

When it comes to who/what influences your musical tastes when you’re a child, 66% of the people surveyed for this study said their friends were the biggest influence on their musical tastes. Rounding out the top ten was radio (59%), movies (52%), father (48%), mother (45%), TV (44%), concerts/festivals (39%), siblings (33%), social media (23%) and hobbies/interests (20%.) An interesting finding within that list was that 48% of those surveyed said an older sibling introduced them to music they knew their parents “wouldn’t have approved of.”

Interestingly enough, the study also found the average age of those survey first discovered music by their favorite band was 13, which proves just how important exposure to music is at an early age.

The full study has a ton of other statistics including that mothers who were fans of hard rock and heavy metal were more likely to influence their child’s musical tastes than fathers. You can read it in its entirety here.

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